Friday, May 5, 2017

Alt Right Mark I and Mark II

There is the Alt Right and there is the Alt Right. You have
Separately, you have
  • Alt Right Chan culture,
which we'll get to in a moment, but let us first speak of Marks I and II.

Alt Right Mark I is a reaction to the almost inexplicable failure of American conservatism to try to conserve the nation.

Alt Right Mark II is a rebellion of belligerent Millenial nerds who have noticed that feminism (among others) is a big lie.

Mark I and Mark II both like being European white. Otherwise, Mark I and Mark II accidentally overlap. Each has learned somewhat from the other, but their motives differ. Taxonomically, both are called Alt Right, but maybe calling both by the same name has been a mistake.

I am not precisely Alt Right of either Mark, but I like Mark I a lot. By contrast, Mark II promotes such boring signaling spirals that Mark II is hard to like (it reflects the progressive Left in this respect). On the other hand, since I am not an establishment conservative, I am not stupid enough to think Mark II a foe.

Besides Mark I and Mark II, you have the offensively hilarious Alt Right Chan culture. That is sometimes very funny. I am not sure that Alt Right Chan culture has not been the youthful mainspring whose meme-power has lifted Alt Right Mark I to its present prosperity. Notwithstanding, though good taste has (by failing to conserve the nation) disgraced itself during the past 20 years, good taste cannot permanently fall out of style. Culturally, good taste will come back. Thus, Chan culture probably, inherently has limited reach. The youthful will not always be young.

Alt Right Mark I is great, though. It has momentum, too. If you have not listened at length to Richard B. Spencer (pictured left) of Alt Right Mark I, you should. Click the above link now.

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