Saturday, June 24, 2017

Bogging inactivity

I think that it's fairly obvious that I am not maintaining the blog.

A decade ago, I kept a different blog which actually had some extremely minor impact (one or two legacy mainstream media figures used to read it at any rate, or so one could infer by their subsequent choices of topics on which to report). Those however were different times. We were Gen X, blogs like mine were rare then, and video blogging had not yet achieved the influence it has today. In short, the blog you now read tells you what I think if you care, but the world does not care any longer what I think. Nor should it.

I am too busy, anyway.

I was perhaps an asset to the blogging New Right a decade ago, but the New Right, now the Alt Right, now fueled by a generation that was in middle school a decade ago, no longer needs me, I think. That's a relief.

Scattered new posts might or might not appear here from time to time.

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