Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Carlsbad 1819 on paleoconservatism

The blog Carlsbad 1819 criticizes:
Paleoconservatism was an attempt to bring High Toryism to America. Unsurprisingly, trying to inject it to an audience of descendants of Whiggish commonwealthmen in the vein of Sidney, Harrington and Trenchard who entertained conspiracies of Romish papists under the bed, proved to be abortive. Sam Francis then reoriented paleoconservatism into a populist revolt of Middle Americans against rootless cosmopolitan elites. Not that I dislike Francis, not at all – but it is a different direction, one that has since passed on to the alt-right.
That sounds about right, on both ends: High Toryism; populist revolt. I inhabit the midpoint of that spectrum.

Carlsbad 1819 looks like a good blog. You can sample it here.

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