Friday, March 10, 2017

Jim on women

Jim's Blog is trenchant. It is insightful and smart. See for example his latest post:
Europe is the faith, the faith is Europe. When Roman Paganism died, the Roman Empire in the west died. Julian the apostate tried to revive paganism, got an undead religion. My commenters tell me Christianity survives as a mustard seed, but to me, it looks like a dead parrot.
I wish Christianity could be revived, I hope it can be revived, but am not all that optimistic.
Is it really necessary for Jim to treat imperfectly submissive members of the female sex quite so harshly, so crudely, though, as he does later in the above quoted post?

Jim's point: when you banish patriarchy, you banish civilization as we know it. I get it. There probably is no gentle, soft way to make Jim's sound masculine point. I suspect that Jim is right, but his harshness and crudeness nevertheless seem excessive, egregious, out of place.

I support Jim and believe that the world would be a better place if more people heeded him. However, Jim's language regarding women has an extravagantly coarse edge which, if he asked my advice, I would say does not really help.

Perhaps the very purpose of Jim's language is to be so coarse that no troublesome woman would risk interjecting. Maybe that's even necessary. Still, I won't say that I like it.

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