Sunday, March 12, 2017

Respectable conventional wisdom and the Alt Right

Steve Sailer writes the epitaph of our times:
In other words, respectable conventional wisdom in the Current Year was lunatic.
Read the whole thing here.

In reaction, you have the Alt Right. And that's the thing about the Alt Right, isn't it? The Alt Right has little patience for the respectable conventional wisdom to which Sailer refers. Indeed, the Alt Right is all but defined by its lack of patience for the respectable conventional wisdom.

This is unfortunate, because those who promote the respectable conventional wisdom are the very backbone of American society: the dutiful earners; the small employers; the stable fathers and mothers. They are those one can implicitly trust to act with honor. Without them, civilization hardly exists.

Tragically, through fear of the empty slur racist and for other reasons, those who promote the respectable conventional wisdom have declined to act to preserve or transmit the civilization we have inherited. Worse, abusing their hard-earned social authority, the respectable Right have repeatedly, fecklessly, uselessly acted to protect and promote nearly every achievement of their Leftist political foes. Thus arises against the respectable Right the necessary corrective, that Hegelian antithesis: the Alt Right.

Long may the Alt Right's light shine.

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