Friday, March 10, 2017

The American Paleoconservative, a blog

In the United States, after a long age of troubled slumber, the hard Right stirs. Now it stretches. Now it yawns. Now, powerfully, it climbs to its massive feet.

A long day of action beckons the American hard Right. This Right, this great and thunderous beast, should not soon again sleep.

Welcome to The American Paleoconservative, a blog of the American hard Right. If your heroes include Richard B. Spencer, Charles Murray, Russell Kirk, Mencius Moldbug, Phyllis Schlafly, Steve Sailer and Patrick J. Buchanan, then this blog is for you. If you are an American of old American stock and your heroes do not include Spencer, Murray, Kirk, Moldbug, Schlafly, Sailer and Buchanan, why, your heroes should include them, so this blog is especially for you. And if you are not sure who Spencer & Co. are, read on. You'll soon learn.

What is the American hard Right? What, indeed, is so hard about it? Who are they? Or, since I am one of them, who are we? And what does the word paleoconservative have to do with us? Are we Christians? Are we traditionalists? Are we fascists, anti-Semites or antidemocrats?

These are not easy questions. No brief answer can suffice.

Spencer is no conservative, Moldbug is no Christian. Murray is no fascist. Schlafly is no antidemocrat. All of these are traditionalists, perhaps, but not every person on the American hard right is that. Yet, still, a common thread binds these great men and their admirers. They, and we, struggle against the same political enemies and fight the same cultural foes.

And, lo, amid the struggle, amid the fight, an era seems to dawn: the term of the 45th president, Donald J. Trump.

Will Trump, whom some have (half in jest) named "god-emperor," be the greatest hero of them all?

Stay tuned. This blog is to explore all these questions and more.

About the Author/Editor

Howard J. Harrison is an American citizen born in the U.S. during the late 1960s. A professional engineer and U.S. Army veteran, he is a Christian of European descent who, with his wife of more than 20 years (she being likewise a natural-born U.S. citizen of European descent), has six children. In the past, politically, he has strongly supported Reagan, Buchanan and Romney.[*] Now, he strongly supports Trump (except that his wife supports Trump even more strongly than he does).

During the decade of the aughts (the 00s), Harrison was author and editor of the blog The Economic Nationalist.

[*] Many paleoconservatives were wary of Mitt Romney. For subtle reasons, I thought that that wariness was a mistake, but an understandable mistake, for Romney (who could at least be trusted to fill a contract) would have done much better for the hard Right than any other national-party presidential nominee since Reagan. In any case, that's old news now. —HJH

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